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Yesterday on the Today Show, a story was featured on a woman named Dominque Browning who is a “50-something” with long, beautiful, peppered hair.  Longer styles are generally associated with younger women but take a look around at some of today’s Hollywood stars.  Look at Sandra Bullock, Vera Wang, Christie Brinkley, Demi Moore, Julianne Moore – most, if not all, are over the age of 50 (or at least closely approaching) and they all sport a longer do.  So why can they and not you?  My opinion: No reason whatsoever. As a former editor and current author, Browning recently wrote and article for the New York Times called, “Why can’t middle-aged women have long hair?”

And my question is the same: why can’t they?

What is about longer styling that we associate with youth?  Goldie Locks?  Rapunzel?  Peeesh! If the goal is (and we all know it is) to appear younger, than why not?  It’s true that as we age our hair changes texture, density and color.  These can (and are certainly) all be inhibiting factors for producing or manufacturing naturally luscious, long and healthy hair.  But technology (namely product) has changed, trends have changed and so has society’s mindset.  Not that we rely on Hollywood for all of our inspiration but sometimes it’s worth noting…at minimum.

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  1. christine
    christine says:

    I have very long hair as it is, and decided to take the plunge and start growing out my silver!..How do I start blending the colored hair with the salt and pepper new growth? I would prefer all my hair look like salt and pepper hair that has some pretty highlights. I am having a hard time finding a stylist that knows what to do so I haven’t touched it and there is about 3 inches of new growth…looks awful!!! Help!!!!

  2. meridiandesigngroup
    meridiandesigngroup says:


    “Going salt and pepper” can be an easy process with the right applicator. Generally speaking, going lighter is much easier. Highlights (and I don’t nessesarily mean bleaching) are commonly used to blend in dimesion…naturally. I’m not sure what your color currently is or even how much grey you’ve got. Three inches of new growth is a great length to start asking your stylist to add natural dimesion (which is what I’m sure you’re going for) with highlight/low-lights. I’m not sure if you’re in Indy or not but our website is Under the “Staff” section you can filter through and see who you feel you’d be comfortable with. Happy hunting!


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