Allegra Waller…big boots & autumn

Written by Allegra Waller

Ready for summer but not quite ready to get rid of those summer highlights?  To stay bright for fall try retouching only the top and front sections of your hair.  Lacing highlights around your face and along your part is naturally where the sun hits, therefore you will be able to bring a bit of summer’s essence into the fall season!  Just remember: be sure to hang on to some of those lowlights; the darker strands allow to lighter ones to pop!

If you are ready to take your look one step further and a little darker, you can ask your stylist for an all over glaze to accompany those few highlights.  Glazes, like Redken’s Shades EQ Clear, are semi-permanent and give a translucent effect to hair that’s not colored providing illuminance and more dimension – it’s a great way to give a natural look without damage; in fact, it’s really conditioning the hair.  Double whammy!  This will also allow your summer dimension to peek through under your richer veil of color.

On a style note: mixing prints and playing with textures (as seen above) is also a great way to get yourself ready for fall.  Layer several pieces while adding a pee-a-boo sheer to dress-up your basic wardrobe.  I like this look from Jill Stuart’s fall/winter 2010 collection because it combines casual accessories – like a knit hat – with dressier pieces.  And I’ve got to admit: I love the boots.

Allegra is available Tuesday – Saturday in Carmel.  (317) 843-5353

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