AMBRE BLENDS! & some [really] big news!

We recently had the honor to sit down with Ambre Blends founder, Ambre Ashley, and ask her a few questions…beacuse we heard through the grapevine she’s got some big news!  Ambre Blends is an Indianapolis-based fragrance/essential oil company who has been making some waves.  Special thanks to Ambre for taking the time to chat!!

MDG: When was Ambre Blends founded?

AB: 2003 is the year I got into my store but I have been making product since 1997.  

MDG: How did you come up with the idea of Ambre Blends?

AB: I came up with the idea when I lived in CO and I was getting into making my own product due to allergies of synthetic ingredients in most product in stores.  I was going to school for massage therapy & aromatherapy along with working next to a herbalist whom created her own product line for pregnancy & lactation.  I got into growing my own botanical garden and using the herbs & flowers to make my own concoctions.  From there I started learning about natural oils and the medicinal properties behind them and adding them to my recipes.  I got really into Amber Oil  because it is the most incredible oil and goes back to 8000 BC.  Not only does it provide some therapy to our internal organs but it also is an aphrodisiac.  Amber Oil increases the heart sensual flow throughout our brain and who does not like that!  There are a ton of different Amber Oils out there that come from all parts of the country.  We will get it in a certain form and add a certain oil to it that makes it more clean and intoxicating instead of dark & too musky.  My original oil essence is Ambre Essence and from there I developed body creams, spritzers for body & home, candles, pure olive oi soaps, etc.  I have since created 3 other essences (invoke – solace- unmasque) which all build off our original Ambre Essence.  
It just so happens my name is Ambre.  Since these are my blends that I created myself and my Ambre Essence is the common ingredient throughout the entire line…..Ambre Blends seemed to be the perfect name for my company.

MDG: I can walk by someone who’s wearing one of your fragrances and know it’s one of yours but yet it smells different one everyone?  I’d qualify that as marketing brand genius.  That’s not a question.  That’s a statement.

AB: And I love your statement but I am no genius.  What I do love is that my product line allows our own individual unique chemistry (and no two are alike) to come out.  There is this pheromone exchange that goes, and we are not even consciously aware of it, when two people meet.  The sense of smell is the most powerful sense we have.  It can move us in ways we really don’t even understand…..most of the time:). 
When you are wearing something pure & natural, it should always compliment your own scent that our own body created custom for each of us.  

MDG: I heard you’re in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas?  Where else are you?

AB: We are indeed but we are also now in over 150 retail spaces all over the country and I am proud to say that Kohler Spas have now picked up the line.  Our products are found in Spas, boutiques, hair salons, well-ness spaces, gift stores and yoga centers.

MDGWow!  That’s a lot of work!  You can’t do all that alone?!  Who helps you out?

AB: I was doing it all along until I met Stephanie Harris.  She came on board in 2007 as my marketing & sales manager.  I know have a production manager, Rebecca Fox, that handles that end of things.  We still make everything ourselves to ensure quality and strive to continue to do so.   We have reps randomly all over and a few more employees now here in our studio to help us with day to day stuff.

MDG: We’ve been to your new studio.  It’s amazing.  How are you guys doing in your new digs?

AB: We LOVE our new digs.  I am so happy in the mornings heading to work.  I cry sometimes on the way.  The second we moved in here, GOD knew that we can now handle more and boy did more come.  This space we created is a positive, fun and loving atmosphere where that energy goes right into the product.  We are starting to out grow our space already but are looking to just deal with it until we have oil coming out the windows;)

MDGIs there anything new we should expect to see from Ambre Blends?

AB: Always!  This year we are developing a shower gel (body wash).  I am bringing back out my lip remedy that is incredible!  We have a new scent that comes out next week UNMASQUE and it will be available in the entire product line.  In 2012, I would like to come out with a hair care line (shampoo, conditioner & hair serum) just in the Ambre Essence original so that the entire product line can be worn with it. [But the big news is] the new essence! [It’s] called UNMASQUE.  It means to reveal the “true nature of.”  It is being launched around earth day.  This new essence is my favorite!  It smells like mother earth when she is happy and taken care of. Unmasque Essence builds off our original Ambre Essence; also infusing over 13 essential oils to ground you and allure others while staying true to its seductive qualities. Along with Ambre Essence being the lead ingredient, clove, black pepper, frankincense, coffee, blood orange, red mandarin, patchouli and the scent of leather are some other special oils used in this essence.   This is very uniSEXY!!!!  Stores will be starting to order this new product April 25th.  

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