Are you the same age as your hairstyle?

By: Dana Weimer

How old are you and how old is your hairstyle?

I’m going to pinpoint a real-life moment that occurs far too often. For some reason, I like to ask people, “How Old Do You Think I Look”? I’m 30 and have never been told I look over the age of 24, but does everyone really think that? I started to become defensive of my age in the work environment after college because I think the general public matches you to your age and your age to your profession. It is an unspoken hierarchy effect in the professional world. If you say you are 20-something, then you are “still young”, or “just a baby.” Oddly enough, I have never met a baby who holds the same position and degree that I have. If you are 30-35: you have a just begun and have “lots of time” (for what?); 35-45: why aren’t you married… how old are you again? 45+: you’ve made it and no one will ask you your age because you have entered that elite age-appropriate status that I will one day try to figure out. My Dad is 63, and I think at the prime of his retirement, he’s still trying to figure it out. Fortunately for him, his hairline matches his age (sorry Dad).

Onward we go! I was browsing through InStyle’s website and came across “Great Hairstyles For Every Age.” I noticed that I have Iman’s haircut (AKA- Mrs. Bowe). She is 59 years-old. Quickly, back to me: I’m 30 – same haircut. I also have bangs, so I have a touch of Penelope Cruz in me [from the InStyle slideshow] . She will be “the Big 4-0” this year. My bangs were cut a week before our First Lady, Michelle Obama, debuted her new fringe [February 2013], and more so resemble hers. So I went from 24, to 30, to 40, to 59 all in one blink. Sheesh!

I suppose the point is folks, its never too late (or too early!) to update your style. Don’t get stuck in a hair rut. If you are pushing the 5-year anniversary of your hair, you may want to get a grip and pick up a People Magazine. Any hairstyle you can imagine is there, waiting for you to mimic. *Note to self: buy a People Magazine and find a new hair crush.

Another point of this is that your hairstyle is meant to be noticed, so focus on the important features you want to highlight. I have had an inverted bob since before Barbra Streisand, so does that mean I look her age, no. Not at all (right?). I do try my best to keep up with the Kardashians, but I also want my own distinct look. I haven’t jumped on the extension wagon… YET, but I am tempted. The idea of having half of my hair look glamorous at all times… yes please! Sign. Me. Up!

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