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Falling into perfection @ MDG salon|studio

Falling into perfection @ MDG salon|studio … Just in time for the H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*! You know what would make sense? An all-in-one salon that offers MORE than a wash & style… Imagine being able to be in and out of a salon with your hair, nails, a facial, waxing, AND a tan… POOF! Pinch. Wahlah! It’s possible folks. […]

The 90’s! They’re Baaack!

{by: Dana L. Weimer @ MDG salon|studio} … and better than EVER! High-waisted jeans – back! Light-rinse denim – back! Revamped crop tops – back! Unnatural, but completely electrifying hair colors — totally BACK! It used to be “all about the dress” in the 90’s. Welcome to 2014: it’s all about the HAIR! Peek-a-boo colors […]

The Salon Prescription

The greatest prescription to add to your bathroom: SALON SHAMPOO (and conditioner, and masques, and hairspray, and… and… and!) by: Dana L. Weimer About.com reveals “The Truth About Salon Purchased Professional Products” – salon shampoo vs. your favorite drugstore shampoo. FACT: All shampoos are designed to cleanse your hair & scalp. However, non-professional shampoos are known to […]

Beyond|The Cup Effect

Beyond|The Cup Effect in Pop Hair Culture Today by: Dana L. Weimer Google search: “World Cup Hairstyles”. Just Do It, like Nike. My favorite part of this search is that the FIFA website actually has a full slideshow dedicated to the hairstyles! After you skim through you’ll notice two things: 1.) The Fro is IN […]

Summerize Your Look!

    Summertime! Bring on the sunshine! Bring on the humidity! Bring out your best! By: Dana L. Weimer I have the Looks of Summer, according to Harper’s Bazaar (and myself!), attached throughout this edition. It looks like 99.9% of us are in luck this sizzling season: no change required! Many of “the looks” are a […]

Is it a Masque, or a Mask?

Who cares – Just use one! by: Dana Weimer The Winter blues are [finally] behind us so now we can complain about the Summer frizz, humidity, and any other climate driven complaint we have about our hair! It’s a never-ending vicious cycle folks. Dry those tears and rest assured, the masque is here to stay, here to work […]

Maintenance-Free is the Way to Be!

Get with the program. It’s 2014. Winter be gone, hello Spring! by: Dana Weimer The plus, the minus, the dos, and the don’ts. Sheesh, we should be required to walk around with a How To Perfect book on The Art of Hair. Swan diving head first into April, we are clearly fast-forward into 2014. The trendy […]

>>> LaVille >>> Midwest Fashion Week >>> Fashion-Forward >>>

                                                      by: Dana Weimer Midwest Fashion Week hit Indy like a bat out of hell; like a downhill freight train, plowing straight down I-65 from Chicago (where they were last week!). Indianapolis, Indiana – a fashion city? Naptown – The Cross Roads of America – The Racing Capital of the WORLD – Indy… Yes, it’s […]