Beyond|The Cup Effect

Beyond|The Cup Effect in Pop Hair Culture Today

by: Dana L. Weimer

Google search: “World Cup Hairstyles”. Just Do It, like Nike. My favorite part of this search is that the FIFA website actually has a full slideshow dedicated to the hairstyles! After you skim through you’ll notice two things: 1.) The Fro is IN & bigger than life, and 2.) The Fauxhawk is BACK and cooler than ever! 3.) Purposeful parts are still here and getting more intense…

Brazil v Croatia: Group A - 2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilSergio-Aguero-by-VI-Images

I had to continue my random searches on both styles. There are so many modifications to both of them. Who woulda thunk that a men’s cut could be so complex – and high maintenance! Oh how the times have changed! World Cup Hairstyles means so much more than The Fro and The Fauxhawk. It hit a high note with me because it reflects how much of an impact hair is AROUND THE WORLD. Hair is becoming an influential part of our own personal style in every country. You sit in front of your stylist and say, oh let me show you a picture (thank you,!). How cool is that? We went from trying to draw, to vaguely demonstrating, to show a picture of someone not because of who they are, but for how they wear their hair.

I used the term “Kardashian Curls” far too often at work, but everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about. Jennifer Aniston (period). Heidi Klum’s top knot. David Beckham’s hair. Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair. And need I say more than: Justin. Bieber. I’m sure you get the point, right? What I love about all this jazz is how much Pop Culture and the Hair World compliment each other in our own lives. Seeing a copycat with my hairstyle is a compliment. Our hair is a true reflection of who we are. Live it. Love it. Own it.


Back in the good ‘ol US of A, located in the lush lands of Indiana, we at MDG salon|studio have the pleasure of scrolling through everyone’s smartphone to see what (or who!) you mean when you say you want this and that cut and style. Thanks to the World Cup [and a little extra help from Oribe & Kerastase], we can make you look and feel like a superstar; or at least from ear to ear! We’re only one month deep into the Summer, so don’t worry – you still have time to transform your hair into one of the hippest styles [in the world!]



Extra! Extra! Read all about it! [copy/paste the link below|or click to open!]

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