Brrr! Winter TIP’s to keeping your hair static-free, shiny and healthy!

Winter is as winter does…to your hair.  It’s cold (which means you need a hat).  It’s dry (which means your locks need moisture).  It’s dry, still (which means your hair starts loosing its luster).  It’s windy (which means your ‘do gets thrown around alot).  Maintaining balance in harsh weather isn’t always easy for your tresses but here are a few helpful hints to keep your hair in check:

1)  Listen to your stylist when they tell you it’s time to switch up the shampoo and get something with more umph!  Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner are winter favorites.

2)  Dry air leads to an assortment of issues: loss of shine, luster and moisture.  BIG problems.  Try a product like Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray to lightly mist over any style to add the lost elements back in.

3)  When wearing a hat or cap, if possible, use a bobby-pin or clip to secure it into your hair.  This reduces the chances of messing up you style that you spent half your morning working on.

4)  Don’t work against your hair.  Work with it.  If you’re having problems controlling the frizz and flyaways, don’t throw a fit…throw a few braids in and make it a little messy.  It’ll look intentionally “done.”  And we won’t tell anyone.  It’ll be our little secret.

5)  And most important!  Get trims all winter-long.  Despite your greatest fears, you’re likely to get more split-ends during the winter for two reasons.  ONE: you will blowdry more in the winter then you will during any other season the year (no colds!).  This means more damage.  TWO: the environment is stronger then your hair.  The air will do anything possible to break your hair down (it’s all in electrodes, static electricity and a bunch of molecular level stuff we’re not smart enough to understand).  But we know enough to see more damage in winter due to it.  A routine and scheduled trim will only help your hair during the warmer months.  PLUS, it’ll give you something to look forward to.  Who doesn’t like coming to the salon?!

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