Brrrrrrr! Baby It’s Cold Outside!

by: Dana Weimer

See ya next year, warm ocean breeze; hello Frosty the Snowman! If you have walked outside recently, you know what I’m talking about. Welcome to the Midwest…

Grab a scarf and get out there, we have you covered for Winterizing your locks.

Step 1: Don’t Panic.


Step 2: Condition. Condition. Condition.


Step 3: Treatments & Oils: Add some extra love this holiday season!





Step 4: Protect Your Hair.

Ok, now that you have the basics to get out of the house in the morning, I’ll explain the inside scoop from your hair headquarters at MDG salon|studio. If you’re adding moisture to your skin, remember to make your scalp a part of that routine as well. Start with the perfect Shampoo lather, concentrating on your scalp and continue with the best of the best for your Conditioner, concentrating on your ends to mid-shaft. If you have time, add a Treatment, focusing on ALL of your hair.

This is the BEST time of the year to give your hair a little extra attention. On the retail end of life, we offer the Kérastase Fusio-Dose Treatments. They work wonders; and I promise, I’m not paid to say that. They really do though!

Your hair loses it’s flexibility and shine with harsh the Winter air. These colder temps are not only brutal on your exposed cheeks, but it leaves us with a lack of luster in our locks. Moisturizing should be the key to your hair regime. Give your hair with an extra boost of love: add essential oils. Our pick is an Elixir. Begin at your ends and smooth to your mid-shaft for proper coverage. They are practically personalized for YOUR hair. Kérastase’s collection is perfect for all hair types, color-treated, damaged, & fine textures.

Last, but certainly not least: a Thermal Protectant. Be sure to stock up on a thermal protectant for you hair. This will be your savior. Once you start using a proper Conditioning routine, you’ll basically be thanking yourself. Your color will hold to it’s boldest hue and you’ll be that shimmering holiday star straight into 2014!

Questions, comments, and hair care concerns, give us a buzz @ MDG salon|studio!

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