Bruce Lyons and a perspective

Carmel stylist Bruce Lyons has been featured year-after-year in various publications in Indianapolis for being considered a master at his craft.  Most recently he was featured in Indianapolis Monthly listed as one of the top ten stylists’ in the city.

So naturally, we had a few questions for him but Bruce can be scary sometimes so we’ll just stick to the basics.

MDG:  Why are you continually listed as one of the best?

Bruce:  Well, because of my wit and boyish charm.

MDG:  Well, we’d have to agree.  But seriously, Bruce.  You’re highly respected and talented.  What’s the secret?

Bruce:  Well, I’m detail oriented and I think my clients appreciate that.  I’ve done many of them for many years and as I’ve grown, so have they.  As far as my mentions are concerned, I can only thank my clients for speaking nicely of me when they leave the salon.  I love them all.  I’m very fortunate for every one of them.

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