Compliments of Refinery29 (Spring Fling Updo)

Refinery29 is a fantastic, NYC-based fashion site that anyone/everyone who likes keeping up-to-date on trends should know about.  Below is a “how-to” spring-fling updo that they put together.  Enjoy!

1. Create a middle part from the front to the nape of the neck.

2. To give the hair a workable texture, apply a Redken Full Frame 07 mousse (for fine hair) or Redken Workforce  09 hairspray (for courser hair).

3. Then divide hair into two low, symmetrical ponytails (you can start higher up, depending on length).

4. Braid each ponytail, weaving a 1” by 8” piece a fabric through the braid.

5. Celebrity stylist Ted Gibson says, “Simply weave the fabric in with any section of the 3 strands of the braid. The hair and the braid will hold the fabric in place. You can add a little hairspray for extra strong hold.”

6. Secure both braids up and over the crown with bobby-pins to create the appearance of one continuous braid.

7. Finish by misting the look with a firm or flexible hairspray (Redken Quickdry 18 or Forceful 23, respectively).

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