Conditioning Winter Hair

“Conditioning 101”
by: Dana Weimer
Raise your hand if you are on a mission to beat the Winter blues. Are you Conditioning you hair? Are you using a Treatment? Are you applying a Masque? Are you using all 3 at the same time? We as the consumers tend to buy anything that says it will be life changing. You know what? Sometimes it IS life changing! At least for your hair it is.
Conditioners. Treatments. Masques. Oh dear, where to begin? Don’t worry, Conditioning 101 will guide you and your silky locks to beautiful perfection! First things first, back to the basics: Shampoo. It’s kind of a no-brainer, but it’s the most important! As mentioned in previous MDG salon|studio blogs, Shampooing correctly is so important because you need to rid your scalp of excess oil, dirt, & impurities. Think of starting with a clean slate [your scalp]. A fresh canvas. However you want to think of it, be sure to concentrate on your scalp when you are Shampooing. Keep in mind that your Shampoo raises the PH of your hair.
Moving on… It’s recommended to not cocktail your Shampoo & Conditioner brands. Most brands will formulate their lines to compliment each other. Be sure that whichever brand you choose is sulfate-free, or minimal, and that you are providing your hair with a balanced amount of moisture and proteins. Without moisture you have frizzy hair; without proteins you have dull hair.
A conditioner reduces the PH of hair (shampoo raises it) which results in sealed cuticles and smoother hair.  Regular conditioners are surface acting conditioners in that they work on the surface of your hair only and don’t work on the internal structure of your hair. It is important to always condition after shampooing because it helps replace the moisture your hair lost.
A treatment works on the internal structure of the hair known as the Cortex. In other words, a treatment is a deep conditioner because it has a lot more nourishment to offer your hair.
Types of Treatments:
  • Reconstructor – makes the hair stronger, usually a protein based treatment.
  • Moisturizing treatment – balances the moisture content in the hair cortex.
At MDG salon|studio, we offer Kérastase’s Fusio-Dose treatments, which can be purchased as a take-home treatment kit as well. Most “instant” treatments are recommended to leave on your hair for 30 minutes. Fusio-Dose treatments work within 5 minutes! Once your hair has been thoroughly shampooed and rinsed with WARM water, a treatment is then applied. The warm water acts as an activator, which opens the hair cuticle, allowing for deep penetration.
Sidenote: along the lines of Kérastase, we carry their Thermique line, which is heat activated. I call it “American” – Americans rinse with warm water (and complain… and shop for deep conditioners) and Europeans rinse with cold water, sealing the cuticle and adding shine. Ladies and Gentlemen, a breakthrough! Please roll out the red carpet: Bain Nutri-Thermique, Fondant Nutri-Thermique, and the intense Nutri-Thermique Masque are here to save the day! Your post-shower routine isn’t complete without an appropriate Thermal Protectant. Of course we have those in stock too!

Treatment Tidbits:

  •  Shampoo, treat then condition: treatment needs to penetrate the hair therefore the cuticles need to be open, if you condition before treating, the cuticles will be closed by the conditioner.
  • Apply to damp hair: don’t apply to soaking wet hair or the hair will absorb the water and won’t be able to absorb anything else.
  • Your hair can only soak up so much, so start with the “less is more” theory.
Masques [Masks]
A mask also nourishes hair and is essentially a type of treatment and therefore is also a deep conditioner.  If your hair is very damaged, a masque treatment should be used regularly to treat your hair’s dry, damaged or fragile condition. For general shine & conditioning, a masque should be used on hair once or twice a month. Some may choose to Shampoo, then follow with a Masque as their conditioner – concentrating at the ends to mid-shaft of your hair. In most cases, your scalp does not need any additional oils to be penetrating. We carry numerous masques for both Kérastase and Oribe. So please add us to your errand running and give one a try!

Now what?
Use a basic conditioner regularly and only use a masque, or treatment occasionally, to boost the health of your hair. If your hair is very damaged, a masque… or treatment should be used regularly to treat your hair’s dry, damaged or fragile condition. You know what comes next? When all else fails, give us a call – we are here to help, consult, and perfect!
Thank you to my fellow blogger at Hair In Sights for this Blog idea!
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