Cort·land: (ˈkȯrt-lənd)


Written by: Dana Weimer

Cort·land: (ˈkȯrt-lənd)

noun: a juicy apple having red skin and crisp mildly tart white flesh 


We looked up “Cortland” in the dictionary – because, why not?  Comparing Carmel stylist, Cortland Foxworth, to an apple (by definition) however, probably sounds a little confusing because:

A)  He is a human-being

B)  He’s not edible

Cortland, however, is quickly becoming the apple of our eye (see what we did there?).  He is polished, yet edgy.  He is creative and he is diligent and dedicated to his craft.   Cortland is self-described as, “Modern, playful; yet relaxed, unique, high-end and fashion forward.” He is a great demonstration and display of just that.  Cortland’s drive is through the roof. 

Cortland’s well-accomplished sense of worth came from the hairstylists’ he looked up to in this industry when he was in hair school, he wanted a solid clientele, a full book kind of day in order to jumpstart his own business – which he did in just 2 years!  He quickly realized his own potential when he began producing at the same level as those [stylists] whom he looked (and still looks!) up to.  He’s the kind of guy who is never satisfied with complacency and craves the next big (and best!) thing.   He is determined to continuously grow as a stylist and, yet, stay grounded on this high level within the industry.  

Cortland’s interpretation of trends and his influences range from young adult trends (think of people watching on a college campus) to the continuously creative, Jack White and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips.  For his work ethic and trend capturing appeal, the hero of hairdressing: Vidal Sassoon.

Hairdressers I have worked with have influence me too.  Most notably: Jenny Law, Bobby Cooper, Tonya Foster, and seriously everyone here at MDG,” says Cortland. 

His mind works like a production set.  He gets an idea, creates the scene in his mind and projects that image to each of his clients on a personal level.

Cortland wants to be viewed as a creative professional, a good listener and [ultimately] an artist.  Everyday is Cortland’s biggest risk.  He continues to challenge himself and push the envelope with his clients yet remains accustomed to the tastes of living in the Midwest, which keeps him grounded.  Believing there is a risk involved with change means the biggest payoff often comes from simply taking a risk.  That adrenaline rush he gets when he has a million things going on at once forces him to somehow dance his way through – like a walk in the park. He thrives on that sensation, for at the end of the day, it’s the most rewarding. 

He thrives on making his client’s time in the salon as much about them and the least about himself, as possible.  Being a good listener is his way to learn about his clients, which is the mentality he uses to give them the most flattering look for their personal style.  Cortland is consistently educating himself, embracing change; looking for the best techniques, and working with world-class, high-end products: both Oribe & Kérastase in order to continue to giving a fresh, cutting edge style!  

A little bit of the true Cortland leaves this salon with each of his clients, with an apple in their eye.

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