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It’s pretty obvious that one of the biggest hair trends of 2012, is long, gorgeous, & shiny hair!  Whether you’re a blonde trying to channel your inner Kate Hudson, or a brunette vying for Kardashian style locks, the general desire is all the same…LONG!

Leave it to the brilliant scientists over at Kerastase to develop the perfectly formulated hair care line, Cristal Liste, to keep the long lock trend, free-flowing & silky!  Cristal Liste is a full hair care system, including shampoo (separate formulas for fine & thick hair), conditioner, and a lightweight serum, all of which smell amazing!!  

As most ladies with long locks can attest, washing your hair daily can be a huge pain!  This is just another reason why Cristal Liste is so fantastic; it’s formulated to combat your oily roots, while nourishing & polishing your dry lengths & ends, allowing you to go days without shampooing!  

Another perk to this line, making it even more trend-worthy, is how perfect it is on Ombre colored hair.  If you are a part of the Ombre craze, then you know that the downside to your awesome color, is dry (& sometimes unmanageable) lengths & ends.  I promise that if you give Cristal Liste a try, you’ll immediately start to notice an improvement in how moisturized your hair feels, not to mention a glow & shimmer, optimizing the color that you went to such “lengths” to achieve!   

Let’s be honest, we all want to attain that ultimate symbol of glamour, which at the moment happens to be fabulously long hair, so treat your hair to the care it deserves & stop in our Carmel or Downtown locations today & make Cristal Liste a part of your hair regime! … And by the way, did we mention how incredible it smells?!? 🙂 


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