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Carmel stylist Danny Felstead is a man of few words but many talents.  For 9 years he has been our in-house Redken Educator who is constantly on the move traveling between both coasts teaching advanced cutting techniques in salons, at shows and at the Redken Exchange in NYC.

For the last few years he has been teaching a class called “Full on Curl” in New York which is, you guessed it, is all about curls, curly hair and maintaining them.  In the class he teaches cutting, coloring and finishing techniques all about The Curl.

In lieu of our recent weather we thought we’d discuss curls because they tend to have some difficulty in this humid weather.  People with any amount of curl in their hair know this.  So we asked Danny to bullet point some info on how to maintain curl formation and health during these muggy, frizzy days.

#1 – Look into the Keratin Coppola Smoothing System.  It’s effective in combating frizz long-term.

#2 – DON’T harshly towel-dry your hair.  In fact, use paper towels to blot your hair instead.

#3 – Choose the right product.  Look for anti-humidity products: Redken Curl Wise, Redken Align, Redken Soft Spin, Kerastase Oleo Curl.

#4 – DON’T use a comb!  If you blot your hair, you won’t need too!  When teaching his class, students aren’t allowed to use any combs or brushes.

#5 – DO use appropriate shampoos and conditioners.  DON’T take the easy way out – use products your stylist recommends.

Danny is available in Carmel.  317.843.5353 ext. 223

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