Dry Texturizing Spray for Tousled Tresses

Everyone is raving about Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray and it’s easy to see why. This invisible dry hair spray builds in incredible volume and texture to give your hair a sexy bedhead look. It’s a multitasking product that is part dry shampoo and part texturizer, adding instant attitude with a bit of hold to keep things in place.

Want to create your own beachy, textured waves at home even if you aren’t heading out for fun in the sun?

Grab a curling iron or wand and divide your hair into one-inch sections. Curl your hair in alternating directions. If you’re using an iron and not a wand, make sure you don’t clamp down on the ends of your hair as you don’t want it to look too polished.

Let your curls cool before touching them. Take the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray and spray it onto the roots of your hair. Spray your hair section by section, layering it into your locks.

To finish your look, shake out the curls with your hands while massaging the roots. Scrunch parts of your hair to break up the curl patterns and you should be left with an effortless look. If you have any frizz, use a dollop of Oribe Crème for Style ($39) and finger comb it through your hair. Use any leftover product to smooth the ends of your hair.


Grab a can of Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($42) at either salon and you’ll find out what all the hype is about! We also have purse-sized sprays for on-the-go beauty, perfect to switch up your look from day to night.

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