Eric Boarman gives an introduction to color for men!


Hair coloring for men can be a touchy subject.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Carmel stylist, Eric Boarman – a MDG veteran of over 20 years – knows this all too well.  He is what we’d consider an expert in men’s cuts and color considering he holds color certifications from several well-known product lines – namely Redken.  We recently asked him to provide a little clarity on the subject.


“When we talk about coloring male clients hair, there are two main categories for male clients: color enhancement and grey coverage.


Color enhancement is for the client that wants to enrich his natural color by adding warmth or depth to his existing color.  This can be achieved by using semi-permanent hair colors that coat the hair shaft causing light to reflect off the hair creating brilliance and shine.  These colors will gradually fade off the hair on tone lasting 4 to 6 weeks depending on how well the hair is maintained.

For grey coverage I have created formulas and techniques that give a gradual change and decrease in grey for those clients who don’t want a real noticeable change.  As we work toward less grey, I generally suggest a slight change in my client’s hairstyle to add or remove facial hair causing the eye to be drawn to those changes.  As we age our hair color goes from a warm rich tone to a more matted hue to grey.  So when covering grey, I work with the hues that exist in the hair now not try to jump back in time to a color that’s not in line with my client’s current age. I also firmly believe in proper hair maintains using products designed for color treated hair helping to maintain good condition of the hair reduce fading and longevity.”

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