Fall into the Sombre!

Let Your Summer Ombre Fall Into Sombre!

by: Dana Weimer
featuring: Beauty Launchpad inspiration

Our inspiration comes from Kim Vo’s October article in Beauty Launchpad magazine. He is known for his blondes, but his article features more than just that – the eye catcher: Camila Alves McConaughey’s Sombre. We’re challenging you to walk a line on the softer side of your Ombre – soften up with a Sombre. Hey, if Starbucks can give us Pumpkin Spice Lattes, we can give you Sombres! It’s the perfect way to spice up your Spring & Summer tresses and jump straight into Fall. MDG salon|studio stylist, Rudy Thien, says the best thing about a Sombre is that it “shows more texture and dimension,” which we all know is the key to hair perfection in the world of color.

Before you allow your strands to be dipped into color there are a few genius ideas to ponder:

– Consider YOUR life… and where you are going! Bold is meant to pop, “so do you want to Scream, Shout, or Whisper,” says Nate Eddelman, of MDG salon|studio.

– Choose shades that will compliment your skin tone as well as wardrobe choices. Kim Vo compliments Katherine Heigl’s gorgeous skin tones with what he calls “bronde – a little brunette, [and] a little blonde.” [pictured below]KatherineH

– Color correction: our biggest fear, but the best way to achieve the “Ombre” effect, let alone a Sombre! Leave the dirty work to your stylist. Trust their education, training, & specialties!

How do you get this look? Soften your Ombre by:

1.) bumping your base & roots
2.) soft, subtle, painted highlights
3.) painting 3-4 levels of your base tone

Dare your inner blonde to ditch the bleach and go with deeper Ash tones. Downplay your rich brunette look with softened, yet dramatic ends. The pictures below showcase our favorite hues of the Sombre effect. Let your imagination run wild, we’ll be here to tame it!


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