For Once, It’s All About You: MDG salon|studio Men’s Style

by: Dana Weimer

I watch clients walk in and out of the salon all day long. It’s a pretty even spread between men and women clients, which is great. This blog edition is saluting our men… just this once (wink, wink – kidding!). There are so many different styles, cuts, and parts that men have. When I look at the before and after of each client, I always notice The Details. It’s your part, your style, and even your products. On the daily, we are our own walking billboards. With, or without being conscience of that fact, we all judge; it’s okay not to admit it, us women do that too. Women come into the salon with magazine clippings of the IT celebrity, with THEE cut, color, and style they hope to leave with. Men come in, sit, relax, and modestly leave with a reshaped, polished cut that catches the eye without all the hassle.

The enclosed pictures are of friends (real & wishfully so), clients, and stylists for your viewing pleasure. Share these with your boyfriend, neighbor, brother, husband, co-workers & strangers. Who knows, maybe we can be the inspiration for a new look… It’s a new season, let’s walk on the wild side together. Everyday is an adventure. Be daring enough to create your own.


Travis1The Owner.

tarik2The Indy GQ.

tarik1The Hype.

Nate1The Eddelman.

Joe1The Boss.

cristiano ronaldo1The Real Madrid.

Booher1The Booher.

becks1The Becks.

jaron2The Jaron.

allison1The Perfect Part.

523962_10151010774863991_2143012520_nThe Stylist.

IMG955123-1-1The Polished Hipster.

13850_10201381659440118_1417098215_nThe Sculpt.

184544_10151551815693644_962129789_nThe Portland Pair.

1003482_10151523085270825_1763387380_nThe Tail-Free Davenport.

bat…and when all else fails: The Bold as Batman.

*Thank you to my contributing style icons at both MDG salon|studios, celebrity friends who don’t know me, real friends, and salon clients. You are all the perfect icon. #BeIconic

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