Discover Ambre Blends.

Perfect for men and women, Ambre Blends is a 100% all-natural, handcrafted collection of oil essences and body care products designed to complement your body’s natural chemistry. Every time you apply one of our products, your body emanates a soothing, long-lasting aroma unique to you. Our organic infusions are activated by your body’s warmth, uncovering a unique adventure every time you blend with our empowering essences.

The ART of Natural Fragrance

Wearing, sharing and exploring Ambre Blends is easy, intuitive and a simple work of art: apply, radiate, time.

Remove the oil from packaging and generously APPLY the essence onto your forearms, neck or other “hot spots.” You will gently RADIATE your unique fragrance as the oil warms and blends with your body’s natural chemistry.

Over TIME, like wine, our oil essences get better and even more fragrant. Alternate between or mix our signature scents to discover your perfect fragrance without compromising your own flirtatious, natural scent. Make each blend your own.

It’s All in the Essence

Our oil essences and body care products are carefully blended from the finest all-natural ingredients. As fresh and pure as our mission to provide each individual with a unique experience of discovery, our products and packaging are designed with the highest quality of standards. With recycled, biodegradable packaging, minimal environmental impact and handmade love here in the U.S., our products are as good for the environment as they are for you.

Our Scents

Our comprehensive line of skin and body care products is designed around our four Ambre Blends essences. Each essence is a handcrafted work of art, sourced from organic ingredients to perfectly complement your body’s natural chemistry. After applying, each essence syncs with your chemistry to radiate a scent unique to you. Try all our original essences over time to keep your natural fragrance fresh.