These are the products of the hair-obsessed.

Oribe, the eponymous line from one of the most influential hairdressers of all time, is a paraben- and sodium chloride-free, UV protecting, color-safe collection specifically tailored to meet the hair needs of the truly glamorous. Oribe products deliver the highest possible levels of performance and sophistication.

Beautiful in function and form alike, this line is for taste-driven individuals who know that personal style — perfectly expressed— is the ultimate luxury.

Repair & Restore

Reawaken your hair to its glossiest, healthiest prime.

These rejuvenating products combine centuries-old healing oils and extracts with modern, high-performance technology to reinforce the inner strength of each strand and undo the damage of time (and style).


Signature is an ultra-luxe range keeps hair looking beautiful and healthy for simply gorgeous hair.

The line combines the gentlest ingredients and the most innovative technologies in the most luxurious formulas. The best of the best – truly an Oribe signature.


Preserving what the colorist intended, these souped-up shade savers provide enhanced protection against the color-sapping effects of the sun and environmental pollutants. Intelligent moisturizers and reparative ingredients target the most parched and damaged areas, leaving color rich to the eyes and hair soft to the touch.


Volume is for those who in search of a little largesse. The newest feather-light ingredients meet the latest body-building polymers to leave hair full, thick and, quite frankly, big. The most exclusive extracts and oils protect against oxidative stress and the deterioration of natural keratin, ensuring the long-term health of hair and scalp.


Shine is a brilliant lineup that will leave even the most over-it hair gleaming. Ultra-lightweight silicones, rich natural moisturizers, exotic oils — all infuse hair with radiant shine. The chicest sheen for the ultimate illumination.


Control for those who want to tame their tresses. This elegant lineup smoothes thick locks or defines natural curls – depending on your mood – while building in softness, shine and control. Specialty ingredients penetrate the hair shaft and strengthen each strand, creating a protective shield that will control – even in the steamiest situations.