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Featuring Teresa Zwit
By: Dana Weimer

I asked downtown MDG salon|studio stylist, Teresa Zwit, to sit down and chat with me. Some things are easier said than done is what happened. Time rarely slows down inside this salon. THEN all of a sudden I needed my nails done… on that note, you should know that she is what we call an All-American Award-Winning Multi-Tasker. I’m not sure what awards she has won, if any, but she deserves one. She does is both a hairstylist & nail tech. How cool is that?

Focus. Focus. For this particular blog, my focus is Teresa Zwit: Hairstylist @ MDG salon|studio. We can always talk the nail talk later. We played the whole Q & A game and here’s a glimpse of how it unfolded with her responses in first person. If I had a recorder, I would have attached a link for your listening pleasure. There’s always next time!

In Focus: Teresa, when did you know that going to beauty school and becoming who you are today was the right move?
I think I’ve always known. I played with Barbie until it was unacceptable for my age…and then I still snuck away to my room to play. I also endlessly nagged my mom and sister to let me play with their hair. Bless their hearts.

What keeps you on yours toes? Both literally & figuratively.
Hah! That’s a loaded question. At-Home hair color keeps me on my toes…it is unpredictable…terrible quality and generally applied incorrectly. Also the ever changing trends and styles! Boredom is a rarity in this [industry].

Inspirations. My favorite view on how to really get to know someone. What, or who are yours?
My inspiration comes from multiple sources. As cheesy as it sounds I find lots of inspiration in my fellow stylists. While admiring their work, the wheels in my mind are always turning…how I can re-create that with my own personal twist.

Next up…my deep rooted celebrity obsession. I love them…they are beautiful. Even as a kid they have always  represented hair, make-up & clothes. People Style is one of the best magazines in the world…seriously read it.

And of course as a sidebar artist…I love art…I love beautiful things and I love creating.

PRODUCTS! MDG salon|studio is full of them, from floor to ceiling. What are your go-to hair products?
Obviously, Dry by Oribe. I don’t like to wash my hair and style it…I spend damn near 40hrs a week styling hair. The last thing I want to do is my own!  So I use Dry as a preventative – I always try to educate my clients on how to use it to get the best results: I apply to clean freshly styled hair. I follow up with a second…maybe third application depending on how many days I stretch it [insert smiley face!]. Regardless, applying the product to clean hair allows it to absorb oil as its produced…opposed to applying after hair has already become oily…at that point its just a Band-Aid. With that being said, constantly using a product to absorb your bodies natural hair moisturizer (oil) can lead to dull dry ends. But worry not! Skip on over to Kérastase for one of their amazing serums, Touche Finale. For glorious shine, 98% topical, UV & humidity resistant, heat protection and vitamin E, what more could you ask for!? (Honestly, what more could you ask for?!)

Being a stylist means what to you?
I find myself coming up on 10 years of styling and beautifying people from all over the world. I can confidently say not everyone is lucky enough to love their job like I do. Making someone look & feel beautiful is incredibly rewarding. I have learned so much about life through the eyes of different clients. I learn about places I may never visit, experiences I probably will never have…books to read…recipes to try… I have had clients make hair appointments just to talk something out…or get my advice, I have shaved the head of a wonderful woman when she found out she had breast cancer (which she successfully beat); I have watched many become mothers and fathers and even grandparents! I have cried with my clients in joyful & sorrowful moments. I have hugged and said good-bye to amazing people as I moved from place to place before settling here in Indy. So honestly, I don’t know if I’m [saying] this part for you…or for myself, because I love these people…they are a pseudo family. They take care of me, just as much as I take care of them.

Open talk. What do you want clients, friends, family, strangers & others to know about you in this industry?
I have curly long fine copper colored hair, with perfectly arched eyebrows [insert wink face!]. Those are my specialties. I didn’t choose those things to specialize in, it just sort of happened. Living with long fine curly hair for all my 27 years…I had no choice but to learn the ins & outs – what works and what doesn’t work. I’m pretty proud of my discoveries and I love sharing my tips & tricks.

After becoming a certified colorist and educator for my color line (ISO) in 2010… I realized I have an eye for reds, coppers & rich chocolate browns….not that I can’t turn out a mean head of highlights…but honestly for the all over ungettable blonde…your best bet is Mrs. Brash [giving a shout-out,  praise & referring to downtown MDG salon|studio stylist, Kathryn Blanchard-Brash].

And lastly…I have waxed my own brows since beauty school. I am my own worst critic, so I got good…real good!

If this isn’t informative, I don’t know what is? I was hoping for a bit of information from each lead and I got a novel worth. I’m sharing, not complaining. It’s not hard to see why she loves her job, why she loves her clients, and why she truly loves life. Sometimes its the simplest things. Like a single hair care product, a touching conversation, a passion for hair color, or those gosh darn perfectly arched eye brows! It’s a great day in Indy, thanks Teresa!

Teresa Zwit | MDG salon|studio | contact info:

Downtown MDG salon|studio Independent Hair Designer 317.457.8273

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