Introducing Oribe Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Crème

When you treat yourself to a blowout, we know you want it to last. You walk out of the salon feeling confident and beautiful. Wouldn’t it be nice if your hair could look amazing for days after a blowout AND leave you with stronger strands that last for days?

Say hello to Imperial Blowout by Oribe!

Launched in September, this transformative blowout crème was created using skincare technology to create a flawless and full-bodied blowout that is iconic of Oribe. Imperial Blowout softens hair while adding density and body providing thermal protection during a blowout, and it’s flying off of our shelves.

So how does Imperial Blowout work wonders? Its secret is the ability to turn into three different formulas. It starts as a cream, transforms into an oil and then works as a powder to provide protection and keep the memory of how you blew-out your style. By using skincare technology, the formula works and feels like a skincare cream but performs as a hair product to leave your hair strong, shiny and structurally sound.

To apply, work through damp hair from roots to ends and blow out section by section for body and style. You can purchase Oribe Imperial Blowout Crème at both of our salons.

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