Is it a Masque, or a Mask?

Who cares – Just use one!

by: Dana Weimer

The Winter blues are [finally] behind us so now we can complain about the Summer frizz, humidity, and any other climate driven complaint we have about our hair! It’s a never-ending vicious cycle folks. Dry those tears and rest assured, the masque is here to stay, here to work for you, and here… RIGHT HERE @ MDG salon|studio!  Our hair tends to change and adapt to our surroundings, whether its the sunshine and the great outdoors, or that chilly office with the A/C blasting at you all day long. We need to remember that its to your best advantage to Condition.Condition.Condition.

With that being said, a masque is a great way to replenish, repair, or just flat out re-moisturize our locks. Focus on your ends to the crown of your head; stay away from your roots where your scalp will naturally produce essential oils and do the work for you! As always, a good scrub-a-dub-dub at your scalp to rid the dirt or daily buildup (yes, its true – it can and probably does happen to you too!) and follow with your choice of conditioner, treatment (as a conditioning substitute; don’t combine the two), or a deep-conditioning masque.

A masque is a quick fix to distressed hair, it works in as little as 2 minutes! Who doesn’t have an extra 2 minutes? If you have more time, allow the masque to saturate your hair overnight! Maybe you just want to do a few things around the house? Not a problem: shampoo your hair well, towel dry (very well!), apply your masque to towel dried hair and wrap in a warm towel to “marinate” while you do your thing {we at MDG salon|studio recommend using Kerastase or Oribe brands}!

Using a deep-conditioning masque is one of the best kept secrets to fabulous hair. Allowing your hair cuticle to open with warm water for the application also requires you to rinse with cool water so you literally seal the deal! Treat yourself well and get started on a weekly masque. It’s so simple to remember: MONDAY MASQUE DAY. Let’s say it all together now… MONDAY MASQUE DAY! Great, now that you realize how easy it is to remember, Just Do It, like Nike.

Please (oh, Please!) keep in mind that not all masques are created equal. It is 100% possible to OVER-protein your hair, which will truly make it break and that is a fork in the road that we don’t want to face! Use accordingly, and use wisely. We can help cocktail the perfect new shower BFF for you. Long hair, short hair, curly, straight, dry hair, damaged hair, major breakage, colored, fine, thick, maturing, normal, life-stressed hair: we’ve got it covered, literally & figuratively.


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