It’s a Man’s World.


By: Dana L. Weimer

It’s a Man’s World… For today atleast! Thanks to the V76 by Vaughn hair & skincare collection!

Talk about The Whole Package. The V76 by Vaughn collection focuses on the whole man; including hair, shave, face and body. All of the V76 by Vaughn products are:

  • Made with American-Sourced Ingredients
  • Packed with Vitamins and Minerals
  • Petroleum-Free
  • Sulfate-Free
  • Mineral Oil-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan or Vegetarian

We, at MDG salon|studio were honored to welcome this collection to our shelves at the start of February 2014. It’s not just a retail privilege, but we truly are a strong supporter for a solid Men’s collection. As Travis Moore, one of our owners, posted on our Facebook page a few weeks ago:

MDG is thrilled to present our newest product line V76 by Vaughn!  This highly anticipated line has been getting amazing reviews and MDG is the the 7th salon in the country to adopt it!!  Not only does it focus on haircare but they also offer men’s facial grooming products as well.  This line is sulfate, paraben, mineral oil and gluten-free!  Amazing!”

We have launched promotional pictures and had an educational class about these newbies at the salon, but the true test is IF it’s worth the hype. To be truthful, it’s an instant no-brainer. The scent is captivating, the packaging hits the bullseye, drumroll please, it’s exactly what YOU and your guy have been searching for. The whole collection is genius.

A tinch more of an ego boost (Vaughn, you can thank me later), I put this to the real test. I asked our male stylists at MDG salon|studio what they really thought and here’s how that panned out:

Carmel | stylist, Doug Bridges:
“One of the best men’s lines I’ve come across in years. Does what it says and it delivers. Spot on.”

downtown | stylist, Stefan Davenport:
-Prep: CONTROL BALM before blow-drying because it is light-weight and it holds well.
-Finishing: TEX and V-RATED. Tex has great hold and even blow dries well without getting heavy or greasy feeling like a lot of clays do.  V-Rated: love it for fine haired clients as a finisher.  Seperates well with a lighter hold.  
-BAR SOAP:  it lasts forever and even though it sits in a puddle of water after it does not get “gooey” like all others usually would, instead hardens back to original texture.

downtown | stylist, Tommy Yates:
it all smells good, the packaging is great – not too manly, but enough to be different.

downtown | stylist, Rudy Thien:
My love is for the PRE & POST oil (for his beard!) Also, the BRIGHTENING Shampoo, which he says “maintains his silver locks”. The BAR SOAP is really nice too. He cuts it in half – one for home, and one for his gym bag.

Carmel | stylist, Steven Hicks (aka – Steven Tyler… Steven Monroe) :
-HYDRATING SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: for the dehydrated gentleman softens, hydrates and thickens 
-MOLDING PASTE: for all day flexible styling 
-HOLDING SPRAY: natural finish & buildable hold
-GROOMING SPRAY:activates the products as well as wakes up the senses in the morning
-PRE & POST: shaving to soften and after for hydrating the skin without getting greasy and is awesome for daily softening for that scruffy face of full blown beard
-BARBER’S POWDER: great for chests, underarms, and anywhere that might get a little extra moist!
-BAR SOAP: awesome! I usually hate bar soap because I think it’s gross however this one I like because it gives a squeaky clean feeling without overstaying the skin and the clays help from getting all man musky.

downtown | stylist, Tarik Robinson:
“I love the MOLDING WAX and the HOLDING SPRAY”

The verdict is IN and it looks like this line is here to STAY. I can’t really think of a bad thing to report. I’m not a stylist, so I can’t personally give an adequate report, but I did set my own boyfriend up as a test monkey. Let it be known, hair & skincare products aren’t his forte; HOWEVER, he actually loves the Bar Soap, loves the Energizing Shampoo, and loves the Clean Shave hydrating gel cream. Beyond the Bar Soap, he only used the products one time and had an instant devotion. Smooches to Vaughn and his amazing product line. Male tested, Female approved.

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