It’s as easy as A-B-C…

by: Dana Weimer

At-Home Care

Are you using the right shampoo? We as consumers assume our shampoo effect should be sudsy and mimicking a TV commercial. The truth behind your shampoo is that those suds are often an overload of moisturizers, which, I know, you don’t want to hear it; but those suds will likely lead to build-up in your hair and at your scalp.

Easy fix: sulfate-free shamoo! Check the back of your shampoo bottle and see what you are using, or should I say, check to see what you are literally putting in your hair. Maybe it’s time for a switch up!

Blowouts & Bonus Days!

Your blowout should last you AT LEAST one day, shooting for two (AKA- Bonus Day!) is awesome, shooting for three days is a dream. Your hair is only as “dirty” as you allow it to be. Sure, your shampoo, conditioner, heat protectant (yes, you should be using that!), gel, and finishing sprays may seem excessive, but before you start piling it on, you may want to re-think your routine.

Dry shampoos have been on the market for decades… actually, centuries! Most consumers think of a dry shampoo as your savior for Day 2, and maybe 3! In truth, it’s not a bad idea to use that dry shampoo on Day 1. Think of it as a Day 2 primer, on Day 1! It’s magic, folks.

Cold Bursts

In all honesty, who really enjoys a cold blast at the end of a nice hot shower? No one. Well, except for your hair! Before you hop out of the shower, do your hair a favor and give one last rinse with cool water. This will help seal the cuticle and it also doubles as a sleek agent.

The same goes for your blowdry session. Give your hair a heat break in between sections… AND tools for that matter! Switching between hot, warm, and cold options on your blowdryer will help set your style and create more body.

Oh, and one more thing – that towel wrap. Get rid of it. You are only allowing that cuticle to open and (drumroll, please)… Frizz! Just keep in mind that frizz is created by heat and humidity. Start your routine fresh … and cool!


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