It’s Gettin’ Hot In {Hair}!

By: Dana Weimer (aka – picture 6 below!)

There are only so many YouTube videos and so many hot tools available these days! Here is one less video to watch – it’s a mini photo guide of how to get what … with what! I was not brand specific, but I will mention: the higher the heat, the better the curl, less frizz, and less damage (naturally heat is destructive to your hair, but there are ways to make it BETTER: Oh, and use that gosh darn heat protectant folks!). Please note, this is not a spin-off of that YouTube video posted last year of that poor girl who singed off her ringlet hair with the curling iron. Don’t bake your hair with any hot tool. Start with small sections and be cautious of that 400 degree temperature that you are applying to your hair strands!


Flat Iron | Curls1 inch flat iron curlstarik

Bubble Curling Wand | Curlscortex wand

Flat Iron | Straightenflat_iron_hair

Curling Iron (1 3/4 barrel) | Curls3barrel4 curling iron

Wand | Curlswand

Roller | Curlshot rollers

Oh! And for Pete’s Sake… your locks, make sure you are using a thermal protectant on your hair BEFORE you apply any heat. I’m usually on repeat mode in [all] of my blogs, but it’s worth it. Trust me. Our trusty favorites are the 3 Musketeers from Kérastase’s thermo-styling line(s):thermique_jpg_4e49037c6aCall us if you need us! MDG salon|studio + the Blowdry Lounge in both Carmel & downtown Indy are awaiting you and your tresses before you get distressed!

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