Jaron Fairchild on Holiday Hair.

Written by Jaron Fairchild

As the holidays closely approach we start thinking about what we’ll wear to the company holiday party, who to invite over to the annual holiday Scrabble tournament and what on earth we’ll buy for our 15 year old neice that she doesn’t already have!  But that last thing on our mind is how we’ll wear our hair to the company party because, let’s face it, we don’t have time to think about it with all the stresses the holidays can bring.  But the best accessory to the perfect party dress is beautiful hair. If a trip to the salon is out of the question, here is a great tip to ensure you will look great in pictures and all night at the party.

For beautiful curls that will stay longer, maintaining maximum style and volume and the health of your hair try using a different technique when working with your curling iron:

1)    Prep each section with a light to medium hold, workable spray (i.e. Kerastase Double Force). This will add hold, manageability and thermal protection, which is extremely important when working with heat!

2)    Start the curl in each section by curling from the midshaft up to the root instead of starting at your ends.

3)    Keep twisting the iron bringing the very ends of the hair into the iron last.

This will ensure that heat from the iron will be evenly distributed throughout the entire hair shaft, producing volume at the root and keeping the majority of the heat off of the ends where it’s least needed. The majority of the heat is needed through the length of the hair to set a strong curl that will last. Just a little heat is needed on the ends to complete a crisp, polished style.

Jaron works Tuesday, Thursday and Friday downtown (317-237-5353).  On Wednesday and Saturday he is available at our Carmel salon (317-843-5353).

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