Kate Middleton & the Demi Chignon

Well, the wait is finally over.  We sat and wondered, speculated and debated as to what Kate was going to do with her hair on her royal wedding day.  Downtown stylist, Kelly Iaria was right: half up, half down.  The style has been dubbed a Demi Chignon; Kate’s hair (coupled by her beautiful veil) was the epitome of regal elegance.  It was absolutely stunning.

Kelly concluded in a previous post that Kate’s hair is her most identifiable feature: it’s long, shiny, beautiful.  She added that compromising her “safety blanket” would thus compromise her confidence.  I have only seen one picture of Kate with her hair up – and it was in a ponytail…on a boat…after she got out of the water.

Kelly added (who has [A] gone through the perils of wedding day anxiety herself and [B] preformed COUNTLESS wedding-day hair stories), that it’s important to remain within your comfort zone on your wedding day.  If you’re a blonde – stay blonde.  If your hair is long, don’t chop it off in the months leading up to your big day.  If you ALWAYS wear it down – wear it down.  Clearly, it works.

Stylists’ have an innate ability to deal with the in’s and out’s of wedding hair.  And remember: listen to your stylist, as Kate likely did, because they generally know what they’re about.  Just like Kelly.

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