Kate Middleton: the style, the color, the everything…

Kate Middleton in the spotlight…again


With the wedding plans in the making and with the date right around the corner, we’re evermore interested in what she’s going to do with her hair.  Up?  Down?  Traditional?  Contemporary?  What?!

Any woman whose gone through the adversities of wedding planning knows that her hair will play a major role in her overall look.  But prepping for a formal style takes more than just getting a consultation says downtown stylist, Kelly Iaria.  I spoke with Kelly this morning about Kate’s hair and what she thinks she needs to do:

“Well first, she needs to consider her color.  We always get so caught up in the style but really color plays a huge role – especially if she’s going to wear it down.  If you pull up any of her pictures online, you can see that in every single one she’s got her hair down.  When you talking to your stylist about a wedding style, make sure that you’re keeping it within the confines of your personal style.  The last thing you want is to have a completely foreign feel to your style.  If you part to left on the day-to-day, don’t part it on the right for your wedding.  You want to look good but you also want to feel good.”

So, wait, you think Kate is going to wear it down?!

“I think so!  I think there’s been so much comparing between her and Princess Di whose hair was short and she didn’t really have an option.  I don’t know, I think she’ll do something totally different so she’ll stop being compared too!  I would!  But honestly, it could be partially up to anchor her veil.  But I think we’ll see a lot more curl and wave in her lengths.”

Gotcha. Now back to her color.  What do you think?

“She’ll need to get it colored about a month before.  She’s somewhere at a 5NN base and a 6NB length [Redken color] and when your color is that rich sometimes it can be too dark right after a color process.  When you’re getting so close to your wedding, the last thing you want is drastic change.  She’s going to want a natural color with natural dimension that she can show off.”

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