Kate Middleton’s hair did it… or does it

Naturally, Kate Middleton has been in the limelight ever since she’s been seen with her beau Prince William.  But with the recent engagement, making things official and all, she has suddenly replaced Kate Goslin (thank you!) on Google’s notorious and ever reliant autofill.  Since she’s going to be royalty, we might as well start talking about her hair.

SO, she’s beautiful, needless to say, but nearly every picture available of her shows her hair flowing, bouncy, natural and shiny.  How do you get it?   Her cut is actually pretty simple.  Long, long layers with a heavier, lengthy fringe.

The style is pretty simple too.  Start by lightly blow-drying your hair to remove most of the moisture – Keyword: LIGHTLY!  So often we harshly blow-dry or rough-dry because we don’t think we have enough time: take a few extra minutes to style –  your hair will thank you.  Finish the blow-dry by detailing the ends with a with a round-brush and softly curl the ends.  Taking the time to style “lightly” will help ensure your cuticles will align nicely and provide a lot more shine than you might think.

Finish the look with a shine serum like Kerastase Elixir Ultime – their newest rock star.  Its lightweight, high-slip formula allows even distribution and glass-like reflection!

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