Kerastase! In Salon Treatments!

This past Monday, stylists from both our Downtown & Carmel locations, spent a few hours with Kerastase educator, Rebecca Klies, reviewing existing products & learning about the latest & greatest!  We’ll touch on many of those products in various blog posts over the next few weeks, but to get started, we’ll teach you all about the amazing “In Salon Treatments” by Kerastase that we offer at both salons!

Kerastase Paris has developed new technology known as Fusio-Dose, and our clients swear by it!  It’s a three step process that begins with your stylist “diagnosing” your primary & secondary hair needs.  Whether you are trying to strengthen brittle & damaged hair, give definition to rebellious curly hair, or add brilliance & shine to color treated hair, we have just the treatment for you!  After your needs have been assessed, our stylists will bathe your locks in a corresponding Kerastase shampoo, and then gently fuse your hair with a highly concentrated blend of the most active ingredients & exclusive technologies, only available in a professional salon.  The end result is fundamentally treated hair fiber & instantly transformed locks!  The best part?!  These treatments are only $25, and last up to four weeks, providing you are using a Kerastase shampoo at home!  Call today to schedule your next appointment, and make sure to add a Kerastase treatment to your regime!

(Carmel: 317.843.5353     Downtown: 317.237.5353)

Here’s a little color coded cheat sheet to help you & your stylist determine which treatment is best for you!

  • Pink = Long lasting brilliance, sealing in color from root to tip
  • Orange = Long lasting nourishment, smoothing, softening, & detangling
  • Green = Reconstructs the inner hair fiber, protecting & adding shine
  • Purple = Instantly improves hair elasticity, adding density & thickness
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