Keys to Protect Your Hair From Summer & Swimming Pool Damage

Summer fun is finally here! Are you making frequent trips to the swimming pool, boating on Geist Reservoir – or spending the weekend at the lake house?  Lathering up with sunscreen to protect your skin is probably second nature. But if you’re like most of clients – the only thought you give to your hair wondering if it looks good in the pony tail – not about how you should be protecting it.
Stop overlooking your hair health. Here’s a few quick and easy steps from your Indianapolis salon professionals to help achieve & maintain beautiful hair from chlorine!

3 Simple Steps to Protecting Your Hair from Chlorine Damage

Step 1. Wet your hair in the house
Step 2. Put some conditioner in it & comb through
Step 3. Put your hair up in a bun.
Hair not long enough for a bun?  No problem.  Just make sure to saturate your hair before getting in the water. When your hair is completely saturated, you can’t accept any more moisture or the bad stuff that affects color retention or other environmental challenges.

Blonde’s & Chlorine – what you need to know

Chemically challenged blondes should really try to avoid chlorine as much as possible. But since that isn’t fun – conditioner saturation is key. If you’re actively swimming and not just lounging – use a swim cap. When heavily highlighting, the hair can blow the cuticle open. Making it more susceptible to undesirable compounds – i.e. chlorine – to penetrate the cuticle and turn the hair blue-ish green.

Use Hair Products with Protection

Most top of line, salon-quality hair products have UVA/B protectants. But make sure to look for it on the label. If it’s not there, grab a product that has it and use it before you go out.
oribe-foundation-mist-indianapolis-salonMDG salon | studio’s favorite hair protection product…
Foundation Mist by ORIBE.
Because it’s a spray, it’s easier to apply for when prepping your hair for swimming pools than traditional conditioners — and its weightless! Not to mention, it’s great for daily use. It has lots of nutrients, builds in shine & detangles primes your hair for styling – to help improve or maintain your hair health.
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