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                                                      by: Dana Weimer

Midwest Fashion Week hit Indy like a bat out of hell; like a downhill freight train, plowing straight down I-65 from Chicago (where they were last week!). Indianapolis, Indiana – a fashion city? Naptown – The Cross Roads of America – The Racing Capital of the WORLD – Indy… Yes, it’s true ladies and gentlemen, Indy is booming right now! The power behind social media and a close knit community of local fashion icons led us to a fashion-forward evening hosted by Tarik Robinson, MDG salon|studio – downtown stylist. LaVille was thee place to be on Wednesday, March 19th – honoring Midwest Fashion Week in Indianapolis at MDG salon|studio. {#ShopLocal}. The salon itself was transformed to showcase of the latest and greatest of hand-selected local Indy boutique shops, featuring Niche, Retro 101, Nathaniel Redd by Ron Williams, and Ellen & Elvin. Framing fashion in its greatest peak, combining hair, clothing, jewelry, shoes, music and todays best trends all under one roof.

Walk with me down memory lane: I moved from Chicago a year & 1/2 ago. Sure I miss my friends, the food & drink scene, the lakefront and Michigan Avenue. But it was the fashion that took me by storm. I may not be a fashionista, but I still had it in my soul to have good taste and to own my own style. I didn’t see it here until I opened my eyes; figuratively, not literally – silly. Self-acclaimed labels and storefronts with sass and spice featuring the newest and freshest trends to put our city on the map of the next best thing. We may be small in population, but we are a huge catch and a city who’s nickname is globally recognized. The fashion & music industry are beyond upward measures.

    >>> LaVille >>> Fashion-Forward >>> MDG salon|studio >>> MFW >>>

From the start of the day to the end of the event we were on our feet, non-stop. The scene was set with the boutique shops along the outer perimeter of the salon, KALM massage|studio owner, Katie Lehmkuhl, had her express massage chair set in our “living room” with the dim lights and a full line of party-goers waiting for a quick 5 minute stress reliever. What a way to end the work day – wine, beer from 317 Burger, cupcakes and pastries provided by The Blue Spatula, beats to match our theme from Decademics artist,  DJ Metrognome, aka – Nick Saligoe, and photography in our Color Bar by Aurora Productions. The salon was cleared for a runway show, model after model wore outfits from local boutiques and the crowd went wild, in a good way! Shopping, drinks, and a photo moment on the red carpet are just a few of the many highlights throughout the evening.

Below is just a snippet of what Midwest Fashion Week brought to Indianapolis & MDG salon|studio. Kudos to our host, Tarik Robinson, stylist, Erin Grommon, and  last but certainly not least, Berny Martin, founder of Catou. Berny began Midwest Fashion Week in Indiana in 2006 with the belief that fashion could be found outside the major metropolitan cities. He also founded FashionExpo and a host of other endeavors with the aim of preserving the arts.

Fashion-forward and keep it coming Indy! Stay beautiful and be proud of what this dot on the map has become in the eye of the tiger and the culture of trend-setting!

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