MBFW 2011: The Wrap Up (Part 1)

Part 1/4

Over the next 3 days we’ll show you four major trends to look out for after the conclusion of MBFW 2011.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (F/W) 2011 wrapped up last week and left those of us in the fashion community scrabbling to identify the trends and inspirations over 100 designers materialized.  After rifling through (literally) hundreds of photographs and watching show after show, we have disseminated a few trends to look out for; and since we have a few weeks left of winter, try variations of these styles and be ahead of the curve!

“Smells Like Teen Spirit”


Influence:  The Seattle Faction circa 1990 – 1995.  In the early 1990’s, the grunge movement rapidly grew out of Seattle and found it’s place in history by means of bands like Nirvana & Pearl Jam.  The movement changed fashion from the 80’s neon to flannel, Doc Martins and matted, dirty hair.  Nearly 20 years later we’ve been seeing this theme reemerge in popular culture.  This year, in preparation for next, is no different.

Styles:  Side-swept, Asymmetrical, Loose, vivid pink/green colors

The Look:  Keeping natural and minimalistic.  In the same breath, flashes of pink hair give the minimal styling the contract it needs to remind us what the grudge movement was all about: independence, attitude, non-conformity

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