Meet the Queen of Color: Olga Edwards


Red Hot! Blonde Bombshells! Beautiful Brunettes!
Meet the Queen of Color: Olga Edwards
Written by: Dana Weimer
Featuring: Olga Edwards
When you see Olga’s client walk through the door, both new and returning clients, you know who they are. You know why they are here. Yes, she is a hair stylist. Yes, she cuts hair, clips, buzzes, razors, etc… but the real reason Olga is their top priority, the #1 reason why they got out of bed, why they left work early, why they are taking the day off, why they are begging for an appointment: COLOR!
Olga maps out your hair beginning at your crown, creates an image in her mind, whether it is color correction (which she is known for!), a simple seasonal change, or a dramatic idea that brings you in – she welcomes the opportunity to give you her self-guided tutorial, beginning with a pop of color. She gives suggestions, accepts judgment, and works her magic.
Olga makes a statement that begins with her bubble-shaped mixing bowls. Her honesty seeps out and that humbling personality of hers gives life to dull tones, puts an end to damage, and gives a formulated lift to each client. Olga keeps each individual’s priorities and lifestyles in mind when carefully formulating her color. She recognizes what the client desires in each step. Her signature touch is creating a natural, yet dimensional look. She identifies the true, natural tone, prior to grays and strays (gasp!) and works in fine pieces of dimension with highlights, lowlights, panels, or all over toners. That head full of foils will become YOUR newest accessory. With proper upkeep and maintenance, you’re well on your way to fooling the world… in a good way!
The word “trend” to Olga means its already in the past: Olga is a leader, not the follower. Sure, she keeps up with todays hottest styles and trends, but only as a platform. She takes small pieces of the trend and makes them her own. Giving her clients the most believable color and dimension is her goal. It’s easy to achieve because perfection is her thing. The “signature” Olga loves to work with, when age appropriate is creating long, lush, healthy, multi-dimensional color, with face framing layers.
“Happy, satisfied, well-accomplished, and feeling like a million bucks!”
That’s exactly how she wants all of her clients to feel the moment they leave her chair. Color preservation is the key to maintaining a rich, vibrant chemical change. Olga’s MUST’S list: you MUST use professional, salon brand color protection, UV protection (yes, your hair can get “sun burn”), a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner with proper leave-in conditioning care… it is very important to protect your hair on a daily basis. Keeping your hair shiny & lush is more important to her than keeping it “temporarily perfect” by over-producting. She is looking for the shine & healthiness. She loves creating different looks for special occasions – weekends, going out, date night perfection!
Every day is worth special attention, start with your hair and go from there!
Olga’s Oribe picks for primetime perfection:
~ Oribe’s Moisture & Control Shampoo & Conditioner, for thick, full hair that needs to be tamed in a pleasant way
~ Oribe’s Gentle Shampoo & Conditioner for chemically straightened hair
~ Oribe’s Beautiful Color Shampoo & Conditioner for maintaining her beautiful work and your beautiful hair!
~ Oribe’s Gold Lust. A little bit of gold goes a long way, when needed: add shine!
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