ORANjE & The Art Salon! Series

As many of you know, our partnership with Noble of Indiana has led us to many creative outlets.  Most recently, Oranje (www.oranjeindy.com) signed on as our official promoter.  Oranje is a once a year event and is simply one of the coolest, most progressive cultural events Indianapolis offers.  Year-after-year, Oranje becomes larger and larger, gains more attention and more attendees.

Long story short, the ‘Art Salon! Series’ will be participating by showcasing Noble’s new artwork.  In light of Oranje’s culture, keeping in mind that the event itself is very interactive, MDG will be providing an added element of interaction.

We threw a lot if ideas around of what to do: fashion show? Nah. Avant-garde hair? Nah.  Mini-makeovers?  Nah.  They all seemed so… boring and, frankly, kind of unoriginal!  After brainstorm session with Oranje, Noble and MDG led to an amazing idea.

Why not let Oranje-goers do some hair?!

Our industry is all about “the visual.”  It seems that salons are always trying to show you who they are, what they do and what they’re all about.  To borrow an expression from Jerry Seinfeld, not that there’s anything wrong with that!  We just wanted to think outside of the box and do something different.  So this year at Oranje, you’re going to get an opportunity to experience something we do everyday.  We’ll bring our shears, our combs, our paint brushes, hairspray and a bunch of mannequins.  All you gotta do is show up in the spirit of Oranje and participate!

We’d like to thank Adam Crockett and Ryan Hickey the opportunity to be a part of this!  Also, special thanks to Noble for sharing our partnership.  It’s been an amazing ride!

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