Ambre Blends Oil Essences

At the root of our oil essences is our signature Ambre Essence –  a clean, euphoric oil that enhances your body’s natural fragrance, making every individual wearer’s aroma unique to them.

The main ingredient, amber oil, has been utilized for centuries for its medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. Our unique, proprietary blend of ingredients and essential oils have a flirtatious aroma but also have aromatherapy benefits. This is what makes Ambre Blends different than other amber oils.

Ambre Blends Oil Essences come in four signature scents:


Our original and most popular essence, Ambre is the foundation of each additional essence and every product in our line.

Historically, amber oil has been used for its medicinal, healing, and aphrodisiac qualities, making it a natural and euphoric addition to your natural aroma….all while leaving no oily residue.


A true bouquet of aroma, Invoke combines our original Ambre with jasmine, neroli, sandalwood, and a hint of rose.

Fresh, intriguing, and light, Invoke leaves you and those around you feeling sun-kissed, and surrounded by a soft garden of sensual blooms.


Fusing Ambre Essence with vanilla and a secret, special ingredient, we created Solace. A calming, peaceful blend, Solace is a delicate fragrance that gently pulls on the senses of those around you, bringing you newfound opportunities while keeping whole and balanced.


Unifying over 13 essential oils with our prestigious Ambre, Unmasque is the ultimate essence of design. Through the intrinsically beneficial traits of each hand-selected ingredient, Unmasque is naturally alluring to those around you, while embracing your individuality.