Ring the Alarm!

by: Dana Weimer

It’s a new week: A New You!

The sound of Ring the Alarm rarely gives the tune of Beyoncé’s hit song in your head; it literally translates to: WAKE UP, your alarm is going off, Sleepyhead! Insert that moan and groan, maybe a long sigh? For Pete’s Sake, we say it every day, “What am I going to do with my hair?” Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. And repeat. Those 7 pesky days of the week get in the way of our daily lives, gosh darn it! Who has the time to think and prep every morning? Low & behold: a picturesque How-To Guide, or should I say, a What-To Blog to cure your morning hair stress. Getting away with your hair UP has never been easier. If anything, take this as a suggestion and mix it up. Transform and create your own style. Look your best and let your day start worry-free!

Sunday: the day that serves as the free space on a BINGO card – be free! sunday

Monday: everyone suffers from A Case of the Mondays – don’t let your hair fall victim, start your work week with a fresh style! som3

Tuesday: pull that second-day style into a fashionable ponytail and tackle the day with no worries!thursday

Wednesday: the mid-week ‘do, be creative with your style. tuesday

Thursday: oh my goodness, only 1 more day until Friday! Yay! Be simple, yet elegant! friday

Friday: from the office to happy hour! monday

Saturday: classy & ready for the night!saturday

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