Sarah Richardson: The Great Consultationist


Consultations are one of the most important elements a stylist can preform when meeting a new client.  But an existing and regular client?  As humans, we often find ourselves getting into a routine based on our comfort level.  After going to a seminar in Florida this past November, Carmel stylist Sarah Richardson (who’s been doing hair now for 4 years) had a sudden realization that she was going to begin treating all clients (existing and otherwise) the same way she would for every new client that sits in her chair.

I got an opportunity to sit down with Sarah last week to go her newly initiated consultation program that she has developed to get a better understanding of what her clients’ needs, likes and dislikes are related to their hair and style.  As a stylist (and to be honest) I was a little wary of her new approach.  I mean, comprehensive consultations for our regular clients?!  But we already know so much about them already!!

When I finished, however, I found myself asking questions about my own hair, the products I use and why I use them; I thought that since I’m a stylist as well, I knew enough about my own hair – but sometimes it takes stepping out of your own comfort zone to realize that the comfort zones themselves can be limiting.  It was a pretty sobering experience.  Without realizing it immediately, I realized that Sarah is right.  She treats every client like it’s their first time coming to her.  Her enthusiasm is genuine, her professionalism is on-point and her passion for her craft shows through her work.

Working with people like Sarah Richardson make Meridian Design Group what it is: a new experience every time you come in.

Sarah is available at our Carmel location Tuesday – Saturday

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