Second Day Hair


Second Day Hair: The Dry Shampoo Effect
By: Dana Weimer


 At MGD Salon | Studio, we have two of these glorified gems:

1)    Kérastase Powder Bluff

2)    Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

I searched good ‘ol for “Dry Shampoo,” here’s what I learned (actually, what I already knew, but wanted to make sure!):

  • Powdered shampoos are designed to work without water
  • They are typically based on powders such as starch, silica, or talc, and are intended to physically absorb excess sebrum from the hair before being brushed out
  • Those with dark hair may prefer to use brown powders such as cocoa or carob powder.

Hmmm…that part about the dark hair? I never thought of that but with our lineup of professional products, your worries are diminished: NO white residue.  When used appropriately, it (for you “over-product users”) they will not leave residue or crunchiness.

Dry Shampoos have been around for decades, actually for centuries! Beauty experts have always suggested, “less is more!”  It’s likely that you are over-washing your hair – we’re American, what can you say? Natural oils within your hair are different than oily hair.  Point is, you really have to get to know your hair. Trust your stylist and let that hairstyle settle into Day 2.  “Dry Shampooing” is certainly not a replacement for washing your hair.  Its purpose is to lengthen your blowouts, give your scalp a break AND lengthen the longevity of your color!

First up: Kérastase K Powder Bluff. 

Kérastase introduced their [iconic & high anticipated!] K Couture  Styling line earlier this year… and a Dry Shampoo was included (yes!). The ranting & raving hype of second day (or third!) finally wrapped it’s strands around the hair-dresser inspired line, giving the go-ahead, and spotlight for this product. It really IS all about The Art of PerfetHair! Lauren Elliott, Assistant Beauty Editor of Elle Magazine calls K Powder Bluff a Hair Hero! She says, “Kérastase K Powder Bluff dry shampoo adds volume and absorbs oil.” We believe her, because we’re tried it too! For example, I came to work this morning with “second day hair,” with all intentions to play a little beauty shop on my own ‘do…  it turns out, it works like a charm! Thanks Kérastase K Powder Bluff, you really are a hair hero.

Second product: Oribe Dry Spray.

As noted on website, “We know this isn’t exactly a dry shampoo, but it’s similar in that it revives dirty, greasy hair. (Plus, it gives hair a great beachy texture and smells of amber, lychee, coconut, and edelweiss—yum!).” The suggested use is listed on the bottle as, Shake. Spray where you want volume and style. A brilliant alternative to dry shampoo.  Dry Shampoo alternative saves the day!  The first thing we mention when we talk about this (hands down most popular!) product is that it is a Dry Shampoo!  We use this as a texturizing agent as well.  It will keep your glammed ‘do in place for the runway, but it will also be your best friend the next day… and possibly the following too!

Now for the rundown for using these fabulous products:

  • Brush out your tangled bedhead, smoothing as much as possible
  • Always use Dry Shampoo on DRY HAIR
  • Lift hair in sections, beginning at your crown, so you can spray (hold at least 6 inches away from your scalp) directly to your roots in 1-inch diameters, without literally suffocating your scalp!
  • Spray Dry Shampoo (or texturizing spray!) mid-shaft and down
  • Do not spray all over like a hairspray
  • You can tease or style as desired, and you are all set!

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