Summerize Your Look!

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Summertime! Bring on the sunshine! Bring on the humidity! Bring out your best!

By: Dana L. Weimer

I have the Looks of Summer, according to Harper’s Bazaar (and myself!), attached throughout this edition. It looks like 99.9% of us are in luck this sizzling season: no change required! Many of “the looks” are a modified version, if at all, of what we [yes, you too] currently have. Consider your pocketbook $50 richer! With that being said, these easily maintained looks are just the beginning of what we have to look forward to! That Spring Bob is now a Lob, keep it – love it. Your pixie cut is still Hot! Hot! Hot! Keep it, rock it, love it! Those long layers are modified with a fringy, sultry look – love it. A side-swept wedge is taking over the deeply parted angled bob, work with it. With the right products, your part will be trained in no time!

On the note of Summer prepped hair: fight the frizz; fight it hard and fight it fast! As usual: condition|CONDITION|condition… and PROTECT|protect|PROTECT! Beat the heat and do yourself a favor: thermal protectants are best before you apply your own heat, SPF your hair (yes, it’s possible and 100% worth it!), and treat yourself to a [Kérastase Fusio-Dose] treatment! When all else fails: a sunhat is never a bad idea, bring back that Fedora!

Our finest recommendations for thermal protectants: Kérastase Thermiques (formulated for dry hair, color-treated, and damaged hair), or Oribe’s Royal Blowout, which you can’t go wrong with! Start your look with a quick spritz of Oribe’s Foundation Mist: it really is SPF for your hair! Treat your ends like gold with Oribe’s Gold Lust oil, or hop on over to Kérastase’s top-notch Elixir & hair perfecting oils for more options.

Consider this your forecast all Summer long: it’s going to be hot with a chance of damage – protect yourself and keep those locks in the greatest condition you can image! Back to the party we go, until next time my sweet beach bums!

hb gentle

hb pixiehb lobhb pageboy

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