SXSW – Trends? Meh…

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the famed Austin-based music, film and tech festival, South By Southwest (aka: SXSW), hopefully now you will be.  SXSW started 25 years ago and is widely considered to be the most hipped out, underground and too-cool-for-school playground for those in the music scene to explore new tunes, indie-flicks and a lot of weird … Remember that Austin’s official city motto is “Keep Austin Weird.”

To me, this is the perfect scenario for spotting trends; of course, this makes me a “hater” because that’s not what SXSW is about; then again, the fact that I just put quotation marks around the word hater makes me so lame, that I’m actually now adequately hip.  Onward.

After riffling through a bunch of blogs and articles, the one trend (if you’d call it a trend?) was the presence of these bizarre, furry stocking hats?  I’ve dug through countless photoblogs and these things kept popping up.  Meow.

Another style I kept seeing was the 90’d Fly-Girl repertoire.  You know, In Living Color?  Jennifer Lopez dancing in short, high-hipped baggy shorts and floral print blouses?  Oh, don’t forget a Blossom-style hat worn as far away from the face as possible.  In all seriousness, this is an extremely relaxed crowd.  Ellen Page showed up sporting some lazy waves and purty cool cap – tilted, yup…

For the gents, as long as you had a bunch of trivial, meaningless tattoos on your forearms, a mustache (preferably with handlebars) and really, really skinny jeans – you were alright.  Oddly, however, the Converse vintage-style basketball shoes that have been a staple hipster accessory since the beginning of hipsters was largely overshadowed by Tom’s – the do-good shoe.

Keep it fresh.

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