Tarik Robinson: “Treat yourself or cheat yourself”


“Treat yourself or cheat yourself” 

Featuring Tarik Robinson
By: Dana Weimer 

What’s up? Smooth, frizz-free, fly-away free, chemically free. That’s what’s up!  Downtown stylist, Tarik Robinson may be known for pampering natural hair but he does a whole lot more. This is our Pattern Magazine icon, our FOX News & Indy socialite. He’s our Batman… and the guy who has no shame drinking coffee out of the iconic I Love Lucy pink cup.  He’s MDG’s little splash of this & that.  The power of beautiful hair is in his hands.  Believe me!

I asked Tarik to do our next blog because he’s the kind of person who swoops in under the radar and does his magic… sometimes at 6am… sometimes at 11pm. The lights are never out for his job. Natural, chemical-free straightening is what he is known for but that’s just the start.

Where to begin?

Tarik told me when I first met him that there are two things that Robinson’s are good at: Football & Hair. Now if you look at him, you’d think, “Maybe a barber?”  He’s that – but he’s also a true stylist. From head to toe.

The key to healthy natural hair, without relaxers, depends on two factors.

1)   Great products

2)   Great tools

Tarik has over 6 years experience as a natural, non-chemically enhanced stylist. The skill to work with ethnic hair has opened the doors, the windows and, I mean, the whole damn salon to his expertise. He also does men’s style & barber shop cuts, women’s cut/color/treatment/style, kids too – no matter what the texture. 

Maintaining moisture with natural hair is the key. With some extra help from the Kerastase Oleo Relax line he is able to provide and maintain moisture. Oleo Relax is a light product that does not take away from the hairs mobility & flexibility.  MDG has both Kerastase & Oribe product lines to help tame the frizz and smooth your tresses to that silky texture you know is waiting to shine on through!  Whether you want that Kerry Washington or Gwyneth Paltrow sleek look, he’ll give you that – guys want the precision cut or a mirror image of David Beckham (okay, maybe just his hair; Tarik is not really a magician, nor is he a surgeon. He’s a hair stylist, settle down!).  Your vision is his vision, and then some! Live by his motto, “Treat yourself or cheat yourself.”  He’ll get you to where you want to be – or at least how you want to look, the rest is up to you!

A note to the wise and a bit of a reminder: Tarik does more than shampooing, conditioning, & blowing out your hair. His clientele is all across the board. What are you waiting for, Frizzball!

“Treat yourself or cheat yourself.”


*Tarik can be reached at 317.869.3149


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