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We have had a few requests (ahem, Tiff) for posting a blog-roll on caring for curly hair.  Curls can be exteremely difficult to deal with, especially when you don’t know what to do with them!  Downtown stylist Teresa Zwit has naturally curly hair herself and knows the woes.  Luckily for us she provided some useful tips for all of you ladies who deal with it on a daily basis:


Condition ONLY the ends of the hair and do a quick rinse leaving some of the conditioner in. curly hair craves the extra moisture – it also helps reduce frizz.  Frequent trims are a must. Split ends are the first to frizz.  So don’t panic: we’re not talking inches here, just ends…

Speaking of frequent trims: I also think it is very important that your stylist has experience with curly hair…even better if they have natural curls themselves!  Your stylist especially needs to be knowledgeable in texturizing curls – it’s NOT the same as straight hair!  Using a curling iron to tame a few of the curls around your face and crown creates a finished look.  Second day hair is my favorite.  Here’s my routine:

1)    I don’t wash my curls everyday to prevent color fading and you don’t want to wash away your natural oils before they can do their job.

2)    I often can rejuvenate my curls with a light mist from a water bottle and scrunching with a smooth serum.

3)    If your scalp seems oily you can freshen up with dry shampoo or work it out with a messy ponytail or loose bun.

*If you, or anyone you know, has curly hair…and needs help call Teresa Zwit at 317.457.8273…right now…

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  1. meave mc r
    meave mc r says:

    hi my names maeve and i have natural curly hair, but my hairs quite thin, which i really hate. my hair is really curly but there is a lot of it all around the top of my head that is stick staight for some reason, my hair gets really greasy after just one day or so and i hate the fact my hair at the roots kinda sticks to my head and is never very volumness (even when it is clean). If you have any suggestions about anything that might help me (tame it or style it)id be really greatfull 🙂 thanks


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