The 90’s! They’re Baaack!

{by: Dana L. Weimer @ MDG salon|studio}

… and better than EVER! High-waisted jeans – back! Light-rinse denim – back! Revamped crop tops – back! Unnatural, but completely electrifying hair colors — totally BACK!


It used to be “all about the dress” in the 90’s. Welcome to 2014: it’s all about the HAIR! Peek-a-boo colors took over 2012 & 2013. Now here we are, comfy and cozy nearing the end of 2014 with the coolest kaleidoscope trends. Blonds becoming blues. Brunettes becoming purples and teals. Redheads becoming yellows. There is a classy way to add a few (or a ton!) of jazz to your tresses.


We used to laugh & point at Grandma’s blue-hue hair, now it’s what we’re craving! That soft lilac bob that your elderly neighbor, Betty, was rocking – yeah, we crave that too! There’s a simple way to transform your locks on a temporary note, or you can swan dive into the permanent color as well. No matter what your pace for electrifying hues this year, the more the double take – THE BETTER! Be classy; hop, skip, or just simply walk into a professional salon. This way you’ll be able to consult for your descend back into your natural color without a hassle of breakage & damage.


Have fun. Be creative. Be daring. Be beautiful!


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