The Academy Awards 2011

There were two primary “looks” at this year’s Academy Awards and they couldn’t have been more opposite from one another.  One was polished, elegant and refined while the other was unkempt, matte and was pretty much the polar opposite of refinement.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again (actually I’ve said it at least a thousand times) but the AMC series Mad Men has played a huge role in the fashion community for the past several years.  America was different then – it was innocent; life seemed to be less complicated and glamor wasn’t a sleeve of tattoos (nothing against tattoos; trust us, we still love them). But glamor was feminine, ladylike and lovely –  Kelly, Monroe, Hayworth, Hepburn, etc…

Seeing this style of fashion in the mainstream and on the red carpet (be it hair, clothing, make-up, etc…) gives us a reminiscent perspective what the world isn’t today.  We want what we can’t have.  Our world is complicated, it can be unforgiving and it certainly isn’t innocent anymore (see Lindsey Lohan if you disagree).

As we watched Mila Kunis and Mandy Moore strut the carpet, we are immediately taken back to a time that we when the world was something that it is not today.  And that’s what we want – and we love it.

THEN there is reality.  Uncertainty, confusion, complexity and a world full of questions and people searching for the innocence lost.  In the journey, our appearance has become expected: it’s undone, it’s loose, it’s uncontained.  It becomes less of a focal point in ourselves as we reach for answers.  We cut loose from the material and see our reflection in an unintentional manner.  And we love it for what it is – not what it should be.​

OF COURSE, this is Hollywood we’re talking about, where everything is intentional and everything is planned and all is material.  We’re hailing from the 90’s in this look we’re the world was much like it is today: full of conflict and social disruption fueled by rebellious/non-conforming musicians like Cobain, Vedder and Hoon.

There were a few looks in between the two “primaries” worn by those who were either trying to set a new standard or worn by those who simply aren’t paying attention.  Sorry, Sharon.  Yikes.

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