The Bob: re|Defined


By: Dana Weimer

The Bob Cut: Defined

bob cut or bob is a short haircut for women (and occasionally men) in which the hair is typically cut straight around the head at about the level of the jaw-level, often with a fringe or “bangs”) at the front.


Thank you, Wikipedia. Hello fashionistas! The Bob. My most favorite haircut, not only because I have had this in numerous versions since 2006, but because it looks great on EVERYONE. Living in the Midwest puts us in this fuzzy gray zone of fashion & trends. Indianapolis, the Crossroads of America, is the heart and soul of The Bob, as far as I’m concerned.
The picture collage that I attached is of print ads that were clogging my InStyle magazine [March 2014 with Nicole Kidman as the cover girl]. Inspiration at its finest. What truly caught my eye was not the labels, but the hairstyles. From Jennifer Aniston’s surprise hair chop during the Friends era to her current [grown out] long bob for her Living Proof line, to Vera Wang’s model’s with super short razor-cut bobs; the options seem to be endless when creating the perfect length to suite your own lifestyle and matching your bob to make life flow a little bit easier.  Look at Tory Burch, posing as a model for her own perfume – beachy waves & a bob. What a great look for 2014!
Your lifestyle helps to create the look you are hoping for. If you are a nurse or a medical professional who needs to have your hair pulled back, chances are you are opting for a longer style that allows for a ponytail, or an extreme cut that would practically be maintenance-free. If you are a leader in the office world, you can easily have a modified bob hitting at your chin or slightly above your shoulder blades with no fuss at all. Yoga poses & downward dogging it all day? Ponytail length bob. You can do it!
Jennifer Lawrence wowed us with her ultra short ‘do at the Oscar Awards, now America’s newest sweetheart is growing her locks, which will ultimately fall into a modern bob. It’s never too late to jump on the bandwagon, trust me. The best part of this style is that the trend is eternal. You’ll never look back at your {Facebook} #tbt pictures and laugh at your bob. At your perm from 1988, yes, that will result in a laugh!Kudos to one of our downtown stylist, Kelly Iaria, who recently jumped ship and cut her long blonde locks; now matching Julianne Hough’s Safe Haven look [pictured below]:

Blondes may have more fun, but they certainly do show off that the fun exists within any hair style! The point is, once again – this is thee look… for today, tomorrow, and well, at least until the end of the year! If anything, give those tresses a break, sometimes a fresh cut is exactly what you need.
MDG salon|studio is here to save the day, one cut at a time. Hop on the bandwagon today and save yourself from bad hair days before they happen! Maybe just a quick trim, or a blowout will help too. It’s worth a shot. Don’t fear the change – those print ad models certainly didn’t lose any business and you won’t either. I promise.
Be bold. Be beautiful.
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