The Dreaded Sulfate…

For today’s post, we sought expert advice from the newest hair aficionado to join our MDG family, Jeff DeShazer.  Jeff also happens to be a PureOlogy educator, so for all of our clients who rely on this great hair care line, please make sure to turn to Jeff as a great resource for any questions you may have!


“I have been educating fellow stylists and clients about how bad sulfates are for the hair and hair color, but realized recently, that I have never explained what a sulfate actually is.  

In simple terms, a sulfate is a detergent or lathering agent, otherwise known as a surfactant.  Sulfates are also an alkaline, and are made from lye and animal fats, which in regards to your hair, can be very drying, irritating and also cause your color to strip quickly.  On the pH scale, which ranges from 0-14, anything above a 7 is considered alkaline.  Anything considered alkaline, causes your hair cuticle to open, pulling out all of the nutrients we put in, and allowing color to seep out of the hair.

The alternative to sulfates are sulfonates, which are also lathering agents but much more mild in comparison to sulfates.  PureOlogy shampoos are sulfate and salt free, using sulfonates to lather and cleanse the hair.  Sulfonates are acidic, which keep the cuticle closed, ensuring that your hair color won’t fade during the shampoo process.  The sulfonates in PureOlogy shampoos are derived from corn, coconut and sugar.  All of the PureOlogy treatments are 3.5-4.5 on the pH scale….so they hold true to their promise of longer lasting hair color!”

Stop in to either of our locations soon, and stock up on your sulfate free hair products!  PureOlogy has formulas to cover many of your hair needs, not to mention great travel sizes perfect for your next vacation!

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