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Written by: Dana Weimer

MDG salon | studio as a whole has welcomed a new group of stylists to the floor.  Joining our Carmel family are Sara, Cortland, and Joshua. This first Carmel blog series spotlights Joshua Agan.  He is exactly who we didn’t know we were looking for, but are glad he found us!  We always seek the edgy appeal that he brings to our brand.  He portrays the cutting “edge” stylist. He’s the cool guy, the cool stylist.  He doesn’t really need the Welcome Wagon approval, because he’s been in action with us for a few months now, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t appreciated.  When he is in our Carmel salon, he gets the spotlight attention all day, every day… and to him each day is just another day in his own glory, doing what he loves to do. You don’t have to be a stylist to know how talented he is and you don’t even have to be his client to know it either. It’s just that obvious. He gives off that edgy vibe that we welcome.

“Wow, great cut! Awesome color! How trendy! That looks so cool!”

He’s heard it all and humbly accepts the praise, as do we.  What makes him different?  Well, lets quickly take a walk outside of the box with Joshua and into his creative mind to find out what sets him apart.  I asked him a few questions in regards to goals, moments of achievement, today’s trends, and dug into who this guy really is.  Here is how Joshua’s story unfolds with a blend of my interview and his quoted & unquoted words:

He prides himself on creating hair that has a naturalist’s state of mind.  “From salt water texture and tousled beach waves to a seamless milky ombre and sun kissed highlights. A level of thinking where imperfect is perfect,” is what he creates.

On a thought of a “future goal,” when in hair school and beyond, Joshua once thought that owning a salon would be the highlight of his career.  After having done that his dream was quickly recognized.  Two years of owning a salon put him back as an independent artist at his new home at MDG salon | studio, where he went full circle, now back to the art of hair and creating high-fashion, wearable hair for the everyday women.

The moment he knew this was it. This is who he was meant to be:

There really was no exact moment or any amount of money or even doing hair for films and photo shoots”, that made him feel as though he had made it. Joshua knew he made it when he realized through the art that he loved so much, he had the ability to increase a woman’s confidence so much that it literally changed the way she walked.”

Trends & Influences: While keeping up with today’s trends and The Kardashian’s AND Joshua all at the same time may seem impossible, leave it to him to accomplish just that!  He prides himself on being able to spot trends as they are coming into the scene. He loves to push the boundaries and explore new levels of appearance, while appropriately enhancing his client’s personal style.  Most of his influences come from the simplest of things: from current fashion outlets, to fashion of the decades, to different cultures and people of the streets. He separates himself from mainstream by following trends, but making them wearable and sustainable.  Education from behind the chair is the key to maintaining the visual appearance and health of the clients’ hair.

Joshua knows he is quite the show off behind the chair.  His personality has an on-stage presence. He is certainly more of a free spirit and loves to make his clients feel at home. To him hair is an art. He views himself as “an artist in love with his craft.”  And he’s pretty damn good at what he does.

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