The Salon Prescription

The greatest prescription to add to your bathroom: SALON SHAMPOO (and conditioner, and masques, and hairspray, and… and… and!)

by: Dana L. Weimer

rx_symbol_black_monotype_plain reveals “The Truth About Salon Purchased Professional Products” – salon shampoo vs. your favorite drugstore shampoo. FACT: All shampoos are designed to cleanse your hair & scalp. However, non-professional shampoos are known to have more water, be less concentrated, and have more sulfates. Why ruin that masterpiece your hair stylist just created on your amazing canvas? We ruin it because we are on a budget, because we aren’t educated, and because we don’t even think about it!
Trust me, I USED TO BE Y-O-U! I won’t tell you the brand(s), but I will tell you that out of all shampoos, conditioners, and additional haircare products, I never spent over $5.00. The minute I allowed myself to splurge, I never looked back. Lucky for me, yes, I work in a salon, but I’m the minority. I’m not a stylist, not even close! I mean, I don’t even know how to use a curling iron, let’s be real. HOWEVER, I do know my [uber important] basics:
1.) shampoo
2.) condition
3.) treatment & style! 

Have you ever been in one of those *sigh, I hate my hair* moments and wished for Jennifer Aniston’s hair instead of yours? Well poof! May all your wishes be this easy to achieve from here on out… well in terms of your hair to say the least! Trust me, give yourself 1 splurge day. Get a blowout – a real one, at a real salon (or just make it simple and head to MDG salon|studio!), with real salon products and you will instantly be amazed! A great shampoo, a wonderful conditioner (or treatment!), and a fabulous line for your styling agents & heat protectants! It’s just that simple. At home care consists of mimicking your stylists actions. Yes he or she has magical hands and tools, but they use products that are equally available for you to take home. With salon products, remember it’s quality, not quantity. Yes, they are MORE expensive, but you use LESS. Keep in mind they penetrate deeply because they are more pure & fortified than your leading drugstore brands. So what are you waiting for?More fast facts? You got it! states:
“Why Professional Products Are Better Than The Drugstore Version.” How many times do you pick up a bottle of shampoo of a non-salon purchase and that “Compared To” [fill in the blank] brand is listed. They compare because they both contain water and a sudsy-oil, silly. “Note: The only way you want a different pH is if the condition of your hair requires it. Unlike store brands, professional products neutralize and balance higher levels of pH in products so that your hair issue can be resolved while other issues are protected from occurring. Still don’t believe me? Statistics show that 80% of us misdiagnose our own hair problems. That means that 80% of the time you run to the store to buy a product on your own, you are buying the wrong thing. Why do you think stylists encourage you to buy their product? BECAUSE THEY KNOW WHAT YOU NEED! Unless you are trained in hair, you are clueless to the true condition of your tresses. Most stylists can tell right when you sit in the chair what kind of crap you are sticking on your head based on the texture and condition. The irony is that women complain that they want the “just out of the salon look” all the time but still buy the same cheap product from the store that makes it even harder to restore hair! Ever noticed how your hair stays soft a few washes after you hit the salon? That is because the product they use (professional) is SO powerful it restores hair heath in just one wash.”



Kerastase Paris


V76 by Vaughn



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